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Digital Eye Studio

Digital Eye Studio is a full service digital photography and videography firm that specializes in customized packages that cater to your specific needs. We are a team of artists that offer countless services ranging from weddings to commercials that guarantee the highest in quality and a unique style of visual art to capture your special moments and turn them into lasting memories.

Cinéma Pur [sin-e-muh pur]


  1. Works of pure wedding cinema that are based on rhythmic and abstract visual qualities, as well as form and motion

Set-piece [set - pēs]


  1. An elaborate sequence which sees a wedding story taking place in a memorable way

Our Process

As filmmakers, we know it can get a little crazy for our customers when planning their special day. Our process is to make sure you have top-notch service from your first meeting to your final kiss. Our goal is to capture every moment and tell your story in a film you’ll love. We are honored that you are here and we can’t wait to meet you.

Cinéma featurette [feature + -ette 'small']


  1. A short film, usually with an intriguing or thought provoking message. But this is not just any message. This is your story.

Prologue [proh-lawg, -log]

This is the opening to your love story that establishes the setting and gives background details.

We do other stuff too!

Make sure to ask about our deals for corporate packages, behind the scenes, commercials and more!